CrazyContacts is one of the internet's most trusted sources for high quality crazy contact lenses!

With over 30 years of experience in the optical business, the owner of CrazyContacts has been offering high quality optical solutions and forging partnerships with top names in the business for decades! You can benefit from his experience by using the trusted products of our partners.

What are Crazy Contacts?

Crazy contact lenses are contacts which are used to alter the natural appearance of your eyes. They can brighten your eyes, apply cool patterns, or be just plain creepy!

Are Halloween Lenses safe?

In most cases, crazy contact lenses are completely safe! To minimize risk, you should always be sure to have regular eye examinations and to follow lens care instructions carefully so as to maintain and promote the health of your eyes and vision. In the event that you feel any discomfort or pain while wearing crazy contacts, you should remove them right away and consult with a licensed eye care practitioner.

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